Steampunk Star Wars

3D Star Wars Steampunk models from CGSociety forum mini challange. More information on the forum site.
Beautiful models made by various artitsts:

Albert Feliu.

Jeff Miller.

Simon Joyce.

Eric Durante.

Owen Egan.

Nico Strobe.


Ottens said...

Quite a lovely collection. That picture of Princess Leia I hadn't seen before and it's quite, uhm, impressive.

dan said...

Steamtroopers are the stuff of euphoric dream.

saint said...

Re: Zepplinwalker

Yes, yes, YES! As soon as nanotech makes it feasible I'm building myself one of those to live in.

kamagra said...

VEry good artwork, I liked the third one especially, by the way, would you mind recommending me a good software to start my own graphic design project?

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