'The Unnatural Selector' by Dr. Grordbort, more info and photos here.

Nerf Gun, found via Geekologie.

Ray Gun made by Cliff Overton, more info on his blog.

Standard Nerf Gun.

Ceramic Raku Ray Gun, very original idea. More info in here.


V&A Steamworks - Steampunk LEGO

Steampunk LEGO by Guy Himber.
More photos on flickr.

Victoria - Steam Carriage.

HMS Vern - Underwater Boat.

Kensington - Pipe Organ.

Tesla - Man/Machine.

Tesla - details.


Wooden Clocks

Clocks entirely made of wood by Gonzalo Alvarez, more info and photos here.
Pipes are made of plastic PVC, but except that everything is made from wood.


Dr. Roundbottom

Few really interesting projects by Dr. Julius T. Roundbottom from www.clockpunk.com.

Dr. Roundbottom himself.

Professor Welterschmidt.

Steam Rat.

Bird Queen.

Another photo of Bird Queen.


The Astrolabe

Victorian Astrolabe.

"an astronomical compendium, signed by Humfrey Cole, made in 1568 for the Elizabethan printer and publisher Richard Jugge. … The compendium includes a quadrant, room for drawing instruments, a compass, a universal equinoctial sundial, a table of latitudes of towns and an incomplete calendar."

Great photo of astrobale by Garron Nicholls.

Another victorian astrolabe.

Good article about astrolabes on http://www.astrolabes.org/.

Chronometers part 2

Gastown Steam Clock in Vancouver, designed and built by Raymond L. Saunders.
More info and photos by Professor Fzz can be found here.

Literally... steam clock.


Steampunk Toys

PacMan machine made by Doktor A from SPOOKYPOP.

Paper steam train, more info and how-to here.

Sculpture made by Stephane Halleux.


Steam Wars

Steam Wars figures from Sillof's Workshop.


Darth Vader.

Han Solo.





Klockwerks: Handmade one-of-a-kind,whimsical timepieces made by Roger Wood.

Brassy Mantle Clock.

Tall Table Clock.

Heater Clock II.

Brass Pot Clock.

Jules Verne Floor Clock.
Check my previous post about clocks.


Steam Gear Lab

Projects from SteamGearLab.com.
Very orignial steampunk weapons.

Bezerker Buzz-Blade.

Bezerker Spear/Ax.

Minotaur Gun.

Ouija Factory Mask.
Bezerker Goggles.

Engines/Machines part 2

Triunial Magic Lantern.

Steam wheelchair.

Steampunk/Retro amplifier.