Radio-Guy's collection

Rare and interesting items collected by Radio Guy, check more on radio-guy.net.

Casting Stove.


Ophthalmologist's Diagnostic Tonometer.

Radial Steam Engine.

Table Lamp.



'Zero Image Deluxe', pinhole camera made by LOMO.

'Rolleiflex Aurum', made in 1983.

Stereo Plate Camera made by E. Lorillion. More info on Scott's Photographica Collection.
19th century studio camera, with bellows for focusing.

Victorian Lancaster Pocket Watch that also included a spy camera. More info on gizmodo.


The Astrolabe part 2

The oldest astrolabe was designed by Nastulus in 927.

Reproduction of first astrolabe made by Michael Asineus, more info on Antiquus.

Beautiful astrolab photo by Nicolas Brodu, more info on the photo.

Photos and great article on Arabian Gulf Miniatures, here.

The 'Chaucer' astrolabe from British Museum in London, more info in Instuitute of Historical Research.

Astrolabe in National Museum of Syria, more info here.

Check also part 1.


Mister Sam Shearon's designs

Beautiful images made by Sam Shearon, check his website and myspace for more info and pictures.

Mister Sam himself.


Industria Lamps

Dieselpunk/Steampunk lamps made by Keith Fiddler, more info on IndustriaLampsLTD.


Watches by Haruo Suekichi

Interesting watches made by Haruo Suekichi, more info in here (japansese).
Other watch made by Haruo in Chronometers part 1.


Minyatür's Nautical Instruments

'Minyatür's Nautical Instruments' shop located on Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
Photos and info from Curious Expeditions.

Music Instruments

Organum Insolitus made by Mark Dalzell, more photos and info here.

Guitar used by Nathan from Abney Park, photo found on flickr.

Violin made by Porkshanks for Nathan from Abney Park, found on gizmodo.

Trumpet Organ, found here.



Few black & white photos with Tesla and his coils.



Mechtorians: beautiful toys and sculptures by Doktor A.
Some time ago I posted projects by Doktor A, 'Pac Gentleman' in Steampunk Toys,
and 'Incendiary Automation' in Robots part 3.

Stephan Le Podd - Explorer.

Sentrywheel - City Gate Guard.

Lady in Waiting.

Her Majestic's Eternal Empire Monitor.

Ignatious Longbottom.


Jake von Slatt's projects

Steampunk designs and guides made by steampunk inventor Jake von Slatt.

Keyboard Mod, more info and how-to here.

Flat Panel LCD Mod, more info and how-to here.

Victorian All-in-One PC, info on this site.

Telegraph Clacks out RSS Feeds, check this.

Brass plate... great article by Jake about electrolytic brass etching.

Check out whole The Steampunk Workshop site for more steampunk stuff and how-to's!
Check out also steampunk guitar made by Jake in Guitars.


Clive Batkin's designs

Great designs by Clive Batkin.

'The Optimus' - Steampunk desk lamp.

Desk fan.

'Team Wah' sign