Steampunk Treehouse

Steampunk Tree House made by Sean Orlando team.

Great photo taken by Zachary Wasserman:

Treehouse at the Burning Man festival:

Steampunk vulture inside treehouse:


Victorian robots

'The Steam Man Mark II' invented in 1876

'The Steam Man' invented in 1865

'Boilerman' invented in 1893

Pics and info from here.


Steampunk style bikes

Bikes that are not 'fully steampunk' because there is no steam power... but there are nice brass and wood elements.

Victorian bicycle style motorbike:

[updated 7/05/2009] This one is powered by 1440cc diesel tractor engine.

Scooter made in Japan:



Microbiotic Scupltures

Steampunk/Cyberpunk scupltures made by Christopher Conte

Clockwork Insects

Insects with gears installed in them...
For me it is more clockpunk then steampunk.
Made by Mike Libby at Insect Lab.

Animal Steam Mechanisms

Pictures by russian artist, Vladimir Gvozdev (aka Gvozd).



Mask made out of old soviet gas mask.
Good for steampunk/industrial party.

This one is more creepy. Imagine that you are exploring some abondoned old factory and something wearing a mask like this comes out of the shadow...

Both masks above are made by Bob Basset.

Immortal Darth Vader.

Robots part 2

Here is Dalek in steampunk style.
For those who don't know... Dalek's are robots who want to destroy human race. they are known from TV serial "Dr Who".

Steam-powered Iron Man.

Can you imagine how comic hero from alternative victorian future might look like?
Here is the answer:

More photos of robots in steampunk style here.