"The Villanizer" made by Thunder Eagle Guitars, more info here.

"The Nautilus" also by Thunder Eagle guitars.

"Stratocaster" made by Jake von Slatt from Steampunk Workshop.


Interesting computer designs

One of Datamancer's latest projects, "The Archbishop"

Watercooled Steampunk PC mod by Korko_czong, more info here (polish).

PC made by Dave Veloz, more info on Steampunk Workshop.

Also Datamancer's project called "The Nagy Magical-Movable-TypePixello-Dynamotronic Computational Engine"

Mac computer made by Andrew Leman



Steampunk robots and similar machines...

Sculptures made by Stephane Halleux.

Alien... I think it is not "fully" steampunk, because it is missing victorian style and there is too much chaos in those mechanical parts, but i think in overall it is very interesting and it is not bad idea to put it together with other steampunk robots/machines.

Star Wars and Steampunk mix...
R2-D2 in brass and wood. Many details, nice and shiny.... masterpiece.

Computer mouse

Interesting gadgets for PC.

This one is called "The Bug" and it is made by Jacob Hildebrandt (aka Jake Of All Trades).


Calculators made in wood.

Calculators made in wood made by Andy Aaron.
You mat need to use a key to turn some of them on, but they really work!

Steampunk USB Flash

Pendrive in steampunk style made by tarator from modding.ru.
More info and photos here (in russian).

Laptop made of wood and brass

One of the first steampunk projects that i saw in the Internet. Laptop made by Datamancer, fully functional. Looks real nice.