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Zeppelins part 5

USS Akron over Lower Manhattan.

USS Macon over San Francisco.

USS Akron and USS Macon (both above) were among the largest flying
helium-filled objects in the world in terms of length and volume.

USS Los Angeles in hangar.

Steel Schwartz zeppelin.

Polish 'Lech' zeppelin.


Astronomical Instruments from Stanley London

"Stanley London is pleased to offer fine brass reproductions of antique sextants, compasses, telescopes, and other surveying and nautical items. "

Brass Sundial with Compass.

Brass Nocturnal on Stand.

Equinoctial Sundial

Astronomical Armillary.

Demonstrational Armillary Spheres.
Official Stanley London website.


Gaslight Justice League

Steampunk Justice League made by Sillof.
Very nice and original.





Green Lantern.

Previous post with sculptures made by Sillof: Steam Wars.



Handmade steampunk metal jewelry made by Etsy Steam Team member: SteamSmith.

Professor Jenkins Airship brooch/pin.

Airships Commander's Wings pin.

Top Hat Steampunk cuff links.

Steamy World Traveler Moose steampunk necklace.

NewIndustries Airship Inaugural Gayle Commemorative Necklace.


Clocks from National Museum in Cracow

Collection of beautiful and rare clocks from National Museum in Cracow.
Official museum website.


Antipodean Steampunk Adventures

Antipodean Steampunk Adventures
"Follow the adventures of the maduncle as he endeavours to make contact
with the rest of the steampunk universe from the outer colonies"

Projects made by Mad Uncle Cliff (Cliff Overton).
Check more info and photos on maduncle's blog: austeampunk.blogspot.com.

Beautiful and very original PC mod.

Little Lord Cameron.

Boxed ray gun.
Ray gun on a stand without a box was posted before in Weapons.


Outland Armour

'The Outlanders' a crew of the airship HMS Amaranth.
Beautiful and interesting projects and photos. 
Check out more on their website OutlandArmour.

Nicole Absher as Clockwork Angel.

Few projects:

Sonification Rifle.

Lighting Projection Gun.

Flintlock Saber Pistols.

Universal Console Gauntlet.


Clockwork Atomics

Clockwork drawings made by Scott Wilson. More pictures and info on Clockworkatomics.com.

[update!] Check out Scott's new website and blog on at clockworkatomics.blogspot.com!


Mental Design

Original steampunk designs made by Ivan Mavrović.
More projects and photos on Mental Design.


Tough machine.

Aromatic lamp.

Steampunk mobile phones.


Zeppelins part 4

Zeppelin construction.

LZ-130 Graf Zeppelin II.

LZ-3 takes off from the floating factory hall at Lake Constance.

Hindenburg catastrophe.

C-26 Zeppelin.
Read also previous parts.