Robots part 3

Steam R2D2. In Robots part 1 I already posted diffrent R2D2, I think this one is also good.
More Steam Wars on Sillof's Workshop.

Clockwork Arachnid.

Classic Steam Engine Locomobile. More info in here.

Incendiary Automation made by Doktora A. Check out more Mechtorians.

Check previous parts:


Ottens said...

Those are great! That Steampunk Arachnid reminds me of "Morrowind"!

Doktor A. said...


The Incendiary Automaton is one of mine.
You can see more at www.spookypop.com or at www.mechtorians.com

Thanks for the coverage.

Doktor A.

Armat said...

Post updated. :)

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Oh that clockwork spider looks so cool, did you design this awesome ornament ? you are a true artist!

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jajajajaj that last robot, it's just my imagination or that robot have a moustache? well no matter it still been funny.

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